KIBAN helps maximize your return on investment in implementation of NetSuite products bringing an array of business and technology skills to every client we serve.

KIBAN consultants have all held vice-president or C-level positions in organizations of various sizes.

KIBAN understands business at the macro level as well as at the front lines and can translate your strategic enterprise IT goals into tactical actions.

KIBAN consultants have domain experience in manufacturing, retail, technology, hospitality, academia, government, and services industries and non-profit organizations.

KIBAN possess a diversity and depth of knowledge, skills and abilities that enable us to understand your challenges and help you implement 'best practices' in your industry.

KIBAN professionals deliver methodical solutions that will enhance your reputation as a dynamic, productive, and profitable Net-Centric Enterprise.

KIBAN professionals are also certified, Licensed zapThink Architects that can assist with enterprise architecture, service-oriented architecture and business process management efforts, in any domain.



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